Rockwall County Jeep Club Vinyl Decal Sticker – 2-Color Reflective Base, Choice of Sizes


Rockwall County Jeep Club Two-Color, Reflective Base Vinyl Decal.  Choice of 4 inch or 5.5 inch sizes.

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Local pickup only in Rockwall (no shipping, usually available within 7 days). Show off your RoCo Jeep Club pride! Choice of 8 Oralite reflective colors and 63 Oracal colors.  This is the 2 color version as shown with purple as the top color and orange as the base color, choice of 4 or 5.5 inch size. Colors and numbers shown in product image gallery. External application. Oracal 651 is outdoor durable up to 6 years.  Reflective is Oralite 5500.

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4 inch, 5.5 inch

Oralite 5500 Colors

010-Reflective White, 020-Reflective Yellow, 030-Reflective Red, 035-Reflective Orange, 050-Reflective Blue, 060-Reflective Green, 070-Reflective Black, 080-Reflective Brown

Top Color

010-White, 010M-Matte White, 019-Signal Yellow, 020-Golden Yellow, 021-Yellow, 022-Light Yellow, 023-Cream, 025-Brimstone Yellow, 026-Purple Red, 030-Dark Red, 031-Red, 032-LIght Red, 034-Orange, 035-Pastel Orange, 036-Light Orange, 040-Violet, 041-Pink, 042-Lilac, 043-Lavender, 045-Soft Pink, 047-Orange Red, 049-King Blue, 050-Dark Blue, 051-Gentian Blue, 052-Azure Blue, 053-Light Blue, 054-Turquoise, 055-Mint, 056-Ice Blue, 057-Traffic Blue, 060-Dark Green, 061-Green, 062-Light Green, 063-Lime-Tree Green, 064-Yellow Green, 065-Cobalt Blue, 066-Turquoise Blue, 067-Blue, 068-Grass Green, 070-Black, 070M-Matte Black, 071-Grey, 072-Light Grey, 073-Dark Grey, 074-Middle Grey, 076-Telegrey, 080-Brown, 081-Light Brown, 082-Beige, 083-Nut Brown, 084-Sky Blue, 086-Brilliant Blue, 090-Silver Grey Metallic, 091-Gold Metallic, 092-Copper Metallic, 098-Gentian, 312-Burgandy, 341-Coral, 404-Purple, 518-Steel Blue, 562-Deep Sea Blue, 613-Forest Green, 824-Imitation Gold


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