Off-Road 101: Learning the Basics

It’s time! You’re ready to leave the calm, smooth pavement and test out your Jeep’s capabilities on the trail. From mild to wild, the possibilities are endless. It could be a simple fire or forest road near Broken Bow. Maybe you run through a mud hole in a pasture. Is Holy Cross in Colorado your peak adventure opportunity?

As you begin to see what that Jeep can do, it’s really important to not only learn about all of its features like electronic disconnecting sway bars and locking differentials, but also how to off-road to protect yourself from injury and your vehicle from significant damage.

One of the most important safety concepts for off-roading is to never wheel alone. The Rockwall County Jeep Club hosts various 101 events throughout the year, and we can also help to partner you with other opportunities if schedules don’t fit. Below you will also find some information to give you some of the basic knowledge to properly and safely use various equipment and techniques. These videos (except for Warn’s winch rigging) are short and purpose built for the content listed.

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by or endorsing any of the companies or products in the material linked below. There are many resources available, and this was just a selection to aid our club members in their off-road knowledge and adventure.