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Club Participation Waiver

Today the Board of Directors is releasing a new liability waiver and indemnity agreement for the club. The waiver should be completed by all adults (over 18) prior to participating in any club event, meet-up, etc. It also askes for any minors in attendance or participating to be identified and covered. The waiver will be good for 12 months. You are required to sign in with a google account to complete the waiver, and this acts as your electronic signature. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one using your preferred email address.

This waiver is extremely important to protect the non-profit and its officers and directors from liability that could arise from injury or damage. As we all know, there are dangers inherent in any situation, and this is especially true with motor vehicles and anything off-road. Club officers will verify that your waiver is up to date at all official club events.

You can find the waiver at the link below or under “Resources” in the menu.