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Bountiful Baskets for Holiday Meals

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Rockwall County does a lot of great work for families in our community. Let’s do something to help these families out by providing a family with a delicious and warm holiday meal.

We will meet as Rockwall County Jeep Club to drop off the Holiday baskets December 21st, 0900 at Jungle Trek – 1505 Airport Rd., Rockwall, TX 75087.

Each Holiday basket to contain the following:

1 box of instant potatoes
1 box of stuffing mix
1 box of mac n’ cheese
1 dozen eggs
2 cans of corn
2 cans of green beans
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
2 cans of French’s Crispy Fried Onions
1 bag of rolls
1 package of butter
1 bag of sugar cookie mx
2 packagaes of cookie icing
1 pie
1 box hot chocolate mix
Turkey bags for cooking
Tin pan for ham/turkey
Festive plates and napkins
Assorted plastic utensils
Pot holders

Laundry basket large enough to hold all items

Thank you and we will see you and your Holiday basket at drop off!

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Club Participation Waiver

Today the Board of Directors is releasing a new liability waiver and indemnity agreement for the club. The waiver should be completed by all adults (over 18) prior to participating in any club event, meet-up, etc. It also askes for any minors in attendance or participating to be identified and covered. The waiver will be good for 12 months. You are required to sign in with a google account to complete the waiver, and this acts as your electronic signature. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one using your preferred email address.

This waiver is extremely important to protect the non-profit and its officers and directors from liability that could arise from injury or damage. As we all know, there are dangers inherent in any situation, and this is especially true with motor vehicles and anything off-road. Club officers will verify that your waiver is up to date at all official club events.

You can find the waiver at the link below or under “Resources” in the menu.

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Officer Election Procedures

Officer elections are scheduled for this Sunday at our June Meetup. Election procedures are below and you can download them here:

  • Per By-Laws, Club Officers will be elected annually.
  • As defined in By-Laws, sufficient notice to hold a meeting must happen.
  • A quorum must be present and maintained throughout the election process.  If at any time a quorum is no longer present, the meeting must immediately adjourn and any business including elections will postpone to the next meeting.
  • The outgoing Club President shall preside over elections.  If the Club President is vacant or unavailable, the Board Chair or a designated board member may run the election.
  • The Board Secretary or a designee shall serve as parliamentarian to handle any procedural or By-Laws questions or disputes.
  • The order of elections shall be as follows:
    • President
    • Outreach Coordinator
    • Events Coordinator
    • Communications Coordinator
    • Development Coordinator
  • For election of each position:
    • Candidates shall be nominated by members of the club.  Nominated candidates will be asked if they accept.
    • The parliamentarian will validate if the candidate is eligible to hold office based on criteria established in the By-Laws.
    • Once all nominations are completed, the floor will be closed for nominations and each candidate will have 3 minutes to speak.  Candidates may speak for all or part of the allocated 3 minutes, and they may ask others to speak on their behalf provided the total time does not exceed 3 minutes.
    • All club members, including those presiding, cast a vote.  Vote will be done by secret ballot and counted by the person presiding over the election and the parliamentarian:
      • A candidate must have a simple majority (50%+1) of the submitted ballots to be elected.
      • A blank ballot turned in will count in the vote tally and is considered a vote against all candidates.
      • An abstention (not turned in ballot) shall not count in the final vote tally.
      • If a plurality of votes is achieved (no one receives a simple majority), the candidate with the lowest vote tally will be dropped.  Each candidate will be given another 2 minutes to speak, and another ballot will happen. 
      • If a 50-50 tie occurs, each candidate will be given another 2 minutes to speak, and another ballot will happen.  This process will continue until a simple majority is achieved.
  • Newly elected officers shall take office immediately upon the conclusion of the election process.
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Officer Elections and Positions

Officers are elected by the members of the Rockwall County Jeep Club. To be elected, one needs the majority vote (>50%) of the members present at the election meeting, assuming at least half of the board members and half of the current officers are present. Criteria and roles are governed ty the Rockwall County Jeep Club By-Laws. Anyone interested in running should contact the board so we can address any of your questions prior to elections.


  • Ensures the mission of the Rockwall County Jeep Club is carried out in the day-to-day activities of the club
  • Work closely with the Board Chair
  • Serve as a non-voting member of the Board of Directors of the Corporation
  • Oversees club meetings

Outreach Coordinator

  • Attend all club meetings
  • Work closely with the Board Vice-Chair
  • Lead the Outreach Committee
  • Serve as the primary contact for the club with other charitable organizations

Event Coordinator

  • Attend all club meetings
  • Work closely with the Board Vice-Chair
  • Lead the Events Committee
  • Ensure frequent meet-ups, off road events, etc. are planned on a regular basis

Communications Coordinator

  • Attend all club meetings
  • Work closely with the Board Secretary
  • Lead the Communications Committee
  • Serve as the primary admin for club social media resources
  • Maintain the club website

Development Coordinator

  • Attend all club meetings
  • Work closely with and under the guidance of the Board Treasurer
  • Lead the Development Committee
  • Manage all fundraising activity
  • Act as the club buyer by manage vendor contracts for club merchandise, etc.
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Coming off of an awesome meet-up at Standard Service on 3/22, we took your feedback, are getting organized, and look forward to being the go-to for all things Jeep in Rockwall County. We are excited to build on the five years worth of work it took to get to this point. Great things coming soon!