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Officer Election Procedures

Officer elections are scheduled for this Sunday at our June Meetup. Election procedures are below and you can download them here:

  • Per By-Laws, Club Officers will be elected annually.
  • As defined in By-Laws, sufficient notice to hold a meeting must happen.
  • A quorum must be present and maintained throughout the election process.  If at any time a quorum is no longer present, the meeting must immediately adjourn and any business including elections will postpone to the next meeting.
  • The outgoing Club President shall preside over elections.  If the Club President is vacant or unavailable, the Board Chair or a designated board member may run the election.
  • The Board Secretary or a designee shall serve as parliamentarian to handle any procedural or By-Laws questions or disputes.
  • The order of elections shall be as follows:
    • President
    • Outreach Coordinator
    • Events Coordinator
    • Communications Coordinator
    • Development Coordinator
  • For election of each position:
    • Candidates shall be nominated by members of the club.  Nominated candidates will be asked if they accept.
    • The parliamentarian will validate if the candidate is eligible to hold office based on criteria established in the By-Laws.
    • Once all nominations are completed, the floor will be closed for nominations and each candidate will have 3 minutes to speak.  Candidates may speak for all or part of the allocated 3 minutes, and they may ask others to speak on their behalf provided the total time does not exceed 3 minutes.
    • All club members, including those presiding, cast a vote.  Vote will be done by secret ballot and counted by the person presiding over the election and the parliamentarian:
      • A candidate must have a simple majority (50%+1) of the submitted ballots to be elected.
      • A blank ballot turned in will count in the vote tally and is considered a vote against all candidates.
      • An abstention (not turned in ballot) shall not count in the final vote tally.
      • If a plurality of votes is achieved (no one receives a simple majority), the candidate with the lowest vote tally will be dropped.  Each candidate will be given another 2 minutes to speak, and another ballot will happen. 
      • If a 50-50 tie occurs, each candidate will be given another 2 minutes to speak, and another ballot will happen.  This process will continue until a simple majority is achieved.
  • Newly elected officers shall take office immediately upon the conclusion of the election process.